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Adenovirus vectors (AdV) are likely the most frequently used viral vectors, mainly due to the high levels of transgene expression that can be obtained in a broad range of host cells. Because of their in vivo efficiency, adenovirus vectors are used more often than any other vector in clinical trials, in which the human adenovirus vector (HAdV) serotypes 2 and 5 are the most characterized ones among all other serotypes of the same family. Adenovirus-wide cell tropism in quiescent and nonquiescent cells, its inability to integrate the host genome, and its high production titer make AdV good candidates for human gene therapy.


Most adenovirus vectors are genetically modified versions of the serotype Ad5. Two types of vectors are available: replication-defective (RD) and replication-competent (RC). Replication-defective vectors do not carry the virus E1A gene to render the virus replication deficient, along with E3 deletions to allow greater packaging space. Most of the serotypes can enter most cells via the cellular coxsackie/adenovirus receptor (CAR), for attachment, and utilize αv integrins for internalization. This ability is indeed a major strength of adenoviruses, enabling a broad tissue tropism and infection of various cell/tissue types, with a very fast expression profile. Moreover, large genes can be inserted relatively easy and adenoviral vectors are produced with relative ease at high titers and are easily purified. Replication-competent oncolytic vectors have been engineered to replicate preferentially in cancer cells, resulting in apoptosis, direct cell death, or increasing the sensitivity of cancer cells to antitumor drugs. The vectors have proven highly safe and effective against gliomas.

For over a decade, QVirus™ Platform at Creative Biogene has always optimized our adenovirus production systems, including adenovirus plasmid construction and low endotoxin plasmid preparation, host cells for adenovirus packaging and adenovirus packaging process, small and large scale lentivirus purification process. Therefore, our QVirus™ Platform can offer a comprehensive portfolio of products and services for the efficient design, development, manufacturing and analytical testing of adenovirus vector. Besides, a broad range of types of recombinant adenovirus products have been established in-house to facilitate adenovirus development with a reduced budget and less time. If you have any special requirements, please feel free to contact us.

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