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In recent years, cancer immunotherapy has revolutionized the field of oncology and is evolving as an effective and less invasive strategy that can be applied to the treatment of various malignancies. Among the targeted cancer immunotherapies, checkpoint inhibitors and chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T-cell therapy have shown impressive response rates and signified an unprecedented success in cancer immunotherapy, particularly in patients failing all other therapies. CAR T cell therapy is a cellular therapy that redirects a patient's T cells to specifically target and destroy tumor cells. CARs are genetically engineered fusion proteins consisted of an antigen recognition domain derived from a monoclonal antibody and intracellular T cell signaling and costimulatory domains.

Among viral vectors, lentiviral vectors (LVs) have demonstrated exceptional promise as tools for gene therapy due to their efficient gene integration and stable expression of the gene of interest in target cells. Given that integration patterns of LVs have a significantly lower risk of random transgene integration and oncogenic transformation than other viral vectors, the production of a safe and efficient CAR T-cell product using this delivery vehicle is feasible. Importantly, LVs have a lower cost of manufacturing than other viral and nonviral gene delivery approaches. Lentiviral derived vectors also have an advantage of efficiently transducing nondividing as well as dividing cells, and thus can transduce a wide variety of cells, including difficult-to-transduce cells such as hematopoietic precursors, neurons, lymphoid cells, and macrophages.

Flow scheme of the CAR T cell manufacturing process using lentiviral vectors.

Figure 1. Flow scheme of the CAR T cell manufacturing process using lentiviral vectors.

Our CAR Lentiviral Services

As a leader in lentiviral technology, QVirus™ Platform can provide well-validated and widely used products and services for lentivirus production, which deliver ultra-high titer virus for dependable T-cell transduction. We have carried out systematic optimization in the aspects of increasing the ability of lentivirus to carry exogenous genes, the affinity of lentivirus to cells from different tissue sources, and the production and titer of lentivirus. The lentivirus constructed by our platform is proven via FACS to be able to infect T cells efficiently. Large-scale production (1-10 mL of ultra-high titer virus) is also available.


  • Construction of lentiviral vectors
  • Transfection into packaging cells
  • Virus collection, concentration and titer determination
  • Lentiviral transduction and CAR-T expansion
  • Measurements of CAR expression, INF-γ & IL-2 induction and cytotoxicity


  • High titer lentivirus production
  • Serum-free virus preparation system
  • Suitable for in vivo application
  • Clinical and R&D - grade CAR-T virus packaging services

QVirus™ Platform provides the one-stop service to offer ultra-high titer lentivirus production service for CAR-T cell therapies. If you have any special requirements, please feel free to contact us.

1. Poorebrahim M, et al. Production of CAR T-cells by GMP-grade lentiviral vectors: Latest advances and future prospects. Critical reviews in clinical laboratory sciences, 2019, 56(6): 393-419.

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