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Lentiviruses (LVs) are an attractive gene delivery vehicle for a wide broad of applications. LVs offer many advantages including the ability to transduce both dividing and resting cells, and the capacity to permanently integrate into the host cell genome, thereby providing sustained gene expression in the transduced cell and any progeny. Besides, there is potential for life‐long therapeutic benefit when gene‐corrected stem cell populations pass on the transgene to daughter cell lineages during the normal cell replacement process. LV vectors are considered safer than many other viral vectors because of their relatively low immunogenicity and toxicity, and reduced rate of insertional mutagenesis/tumorigenesis when compared to their oncoretroviral counterparts.

The lentiviral expression construct transduced in cells is integrated into genomic DNA and provides the stable, long-term expression of siRNA, cDNA or reporter gene. Endogenously expressed siRNA effectors provide long-term silencing of the target gene and allow the researcher to generate cell lines and transgenic organisms with a stable knockdown phenotype for functional studies. LVs can also be pseudotyped with envelope proteins from other viruses, thereby improving the stability of the viral particles, and conferring the vector with either a broad tissue tropism, or specificity for target cells. These favorable characteristics make LVs a promising tool for use in the treatment of an array of human disorders including X-linked severe combined immunodeficiency (SCIDX1), sickle cell anemia, β thalassemia, cystic fibrosis, Parkinson's disease, HIV, and cancer.

For over a decade, QVirus™ Platform at Creative Biogene has always optimized our lentivirus production systems, including lentivirus plasmid construction and low endotoxin plasmid preparation, host cells for lentivirus packaging and lentivirus packaging process, cell culture medium, small and large scale lentivirus purification process. Thus, Our QVirus™ Platform can offer a comprehensive portfolio of products and services for the efficient design, development, manufacturing and analytical testing of lentivirus vector. So far, we have constructed, packaged, and purified thousands of lentiviruses for worldwide clients. If you have any special requirements, please feel free to contact us.

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