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Newcastle disease virus (NDV), also known as avian paramyxovirus serotype 1, is a nonsegmented, negative-strand RNA virus of the Paramyxoviridae with a natural avian host range. NDV is a rather safe virus for the treatment of humans, its RNA genome is stable, and pre-existing immunity to the virus in humans is absent. NDV features a natural preference for replication in a number of tumor cells compared with normal cells. The observed antitumor effect of NDV appears to be a result of both selective killing of tumor cells and induction of immune responses. In addition, NDV exerts efficient oncolytic activity in tumors resistant to cytotoxic drugs. Engineering of the virus to better infect and spread in tumor tissue or for overexpression of immunogenic cytokines is a promising direction. Clearly, more work is required to select the proper genetic modifications that will provide the optimal oncolytic NDV.

Combination strategies using recombinant NDV and immunomodulatory antibodies for effective systemic cancer immunotherapy.

Figure 1. Combination strategies using recombinant NDV and immunomodulatory antibodies for effective systemic cancer immunotherapy.

Genetic manipulations to change viral tropism and arming the virus with genes encoding for cytokines improved the oncolytic capacity of NDV. Several intracellular proteins in tumor cells, including oncogenic proteins (H-Ras) and antiapoptotic proteins (Livin), are relevant for the oncolytic activity of NDV. Defects in the interferon system, found in some tumor cells, also contribute to the oncolytic selectivity of NDV. With the deep knowledge on the genetics and molecular biology of NDV, QVirus™ platform can provide recombinant oncolytic NDV construction and assay services for our customer to improve the efficacy of tumor treatment.

Our Capability

  • Construction of recombinant NDV plasmids
  • Virus plaque morphology and growth kinetics assay
  • Immunofluorescence assay and live cell imaging
  • Chicken pathogenicity test
  • Northern and Western blot analysis
  • Cell killing assay to examine viral oncolytic activity
  • Data analysis

Our QVirus™ Platform commits to developing efficacious oncolytic NDV for the customer and enabling wider applications in oncolytic virotherapy of cancers. We have experienced experts and advanced platforms that are able to provide excellent services. If you have any special requirements, please feel free to contact us.

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