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Oncolytic viruses (OV) selectively replicate and kill cancer cells and spread within the tumor, while not harming normal tissue. Besides this direct oncolytic activity, OVs are also very effective at inducing immune responses to themselves and the infected tumor cells. OVs encompass a wide diversity of DNA and RNA viruses that are naturally cancer selective or can be genetically engineered. The field aims to develop OVs that are easily manufactured, efficiently delivered to disseminated sites of cancer growth, undergo rapid intratumoral spread, selectively kill tumor cells, pose no collateral damage and cause no risk of transmission in the population.

Mechanisms of action of oncolytic virus therapy.

Figure 1. Mechanisms of action of oncolytic virus therapy.

OVs have a number of features that make them advantageous and distinct from current therapeutic modalities:

(1) There is a low probability for the generation of resistance, as OVs often target multiple oncogenic pathways and use multiple means for cytotoxicity;
(2) They replicate in a tumor selective fashion and are relatively nonpathogenic and, actually, only minimal systemic toxicity has been detected;
(3) Virus dose in the tumor increases with time due to in situ virus amplification, as opposed to classical drug pharmacokinetics that decreases with time;
(4) Safety features can be built in, such as drug and immune sensitivity.

The key desirable characteristics of any OV are specificity, potency and safety; specificity for targeted cancer, potency to kill infected cells and cross-prime antitumor immunity, and safety to avoid adverse reactions and pathogenic reversion. Through QVirus™ platform, Creative Biogene can provide customized, standardized, and reliable and high-quality oncolytic virus therapy development services and products for clients globally. Our service covers all aspects from virus engineering, virus validation to cell biology. Furthermore, various types of oncolytic viruses engineering systems have been established in-house to facilitate oncolytic virus development with a reduced budget and less time. If you have any special requirements, please feel free to contact us.

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