Retrovirus Production Services

Retroviral vectors promote efficient and stable gene transfer and expression in cultured cells, including primary cells from humans and other animals that are difficult to transfect using other techniques. Transferred genes are integrated at relatively random sites in the host cell genome with minimal alteration of host cell genomic DNA. These properties have resulted in the use of retroviral vectors as markers for cells transplanted into humans, with or without suicide genes to allow destruction of the transplanted cells when necessary, and for human gene therapy.

Retroviral vector is a powerful tool for delivering target genes into almost all types of dividing cells in vivo and in vitro. Retroviral vectors most attractive features as gene transfer tools contain the capacity for large genetic payload (up to 9 kb), high transducing efficiency in vivo and in vitro, minimal patient immune response, and the ability to permanently modify the genetic content of the target cell, sustaining a long-term expression of the delivered gene. However, the production of recombinant retroviral vector is challenging, especially when high-titer of recombinant retroviral vectors (>107 transducing unit (TU)/ml) is required.

QVirus™ Platform can provide economy of scale, high-throughput production, increased biosafety, and quality control in the virus preparation process. Our retrovirus production team has constructed, packaged, and purified hundreds of retroviruses from small crude scale to large purified scale for worldwide clients in more than a decade. 

Our Custom Retrovirus Production Services

  • Construction of a retrovirus plasmid vector
  • Retrovirus packaging
  • Retrovirus purification
  • Retrovirus titration


  • Fluorescent protein tracer: These vectors express fluorescent proteins (e.g. GFP, DsRed2, mCherry) from a strong constitutive promoter (e.g. CMV, PGK, EF1a) and are useful for marking cell populations and to experimentally determine the transduction efficiency of a cell line.
  • Luciferase vector: These vectors express firefly luciferase from a strong constitutive promoter (e.g. EF1) and are useful for monitoring cell populations in vitro and in vivo.
  • pLKO shRNA controls: These vectors serve as controls (e.g., empty, non-targeting, siLuc, siGFP, etc.) for experiments using TRC (pLKO.1) shRNA plasmids.


  • Retrovirus stock
  • Study report

QVirus™ Platform provides customers with flexible and high-quality retroviral vector production services, from construct design to retroviral vector production, concentration and titration. Our standardized and optimized retroviral vector production and strict quality control systems enable us to generate high titer of functional recombinant retroviral vectors for our customers. If you have any special requirements, please feel free to contact us.

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